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 FØXDIE strategies.

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FØXDIE strategies. Empty
PostSubject: FØXDIE strategies.   FØXDIE strategies. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 5:16 am

Hey all, sorry I forgot to mention I was headed out of town last Thursday; but honestly, did anyone really miss me? Haha. Anyways I'll be home and back on for tourney tomorrow night.

As far as strategies go, I was thinking of RACE.
- Let's think smart here and go from map to map TOGETHER and map out where the goals pop up from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Practicing shouldn't be tedious like trying to teach a room full of kids with A.D.D.

Lets just have some fun and take it slow like this checkpoint mapping idea for RACE.

After this practice we should know where OUR checkpoints will ALWAYS be whether we are Red or Blue.

(But don't forget: We will also need to know where our checkpoints will be in the event that we are unable to get to our target so we can have a support gunner waiting in case the enemy is close and tries to flank our new checkpoint.)

Check out this vid I found.
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FØXDIE strategies.
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